Achieve Your Destiny

How To Achieve Your Destiny

We believe God created you for a purpose and if you really want to know and fulfil that purpose, then it is vital you get to know the One who originally made you. You possess totally unique gifts, talents and abilities. You are a product of design and not an accident. You also have a unique calling that only you can fulfil.
However, if you do not have clarity on your gifts, talents and area of calling, then you may struggle to fulfil your destiny. That's where the FFGC  guide "How To Achieve Your Destiny" comes in and is our No.1 resource. You can download this for free below.
Below are some of the key discovery questions to identify your calling and destiny and the guide goes into more detail, so we recommend you download this.

Key Steps to Achieving Your Destiny. Also Includes a Free Download of our No.1 resource - "How To Achieve Your Destiny".

What Is Your Area of Calling?

What is the area of your calling? For example, business, media, government, education etc.

What Are Your Talents & Abilities?

What are your natural talents and abilities? Such as public speaking, listening, writing, teaching etc.

What Are Your Passions?

What Are Your Passions, interests or things that bring you joy? This is one of the clearest indications of your area of calling.

What Are Your Pain Points?

What things in life cause you pain, frustration or upsets you? This is often a sign of an area you are called to, as you may well be called to be a solution in that area.

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?

What Spiritual gifts are you aware of in your life? Below is a spiritual gifts test website that will help you identify your gifts.

Purpose/Personal Statement

When you combine the answers to the previous 5 questions, you can create a summary statement for your life that will also help clarify your purpose.

Spiritual Gifts Online Check

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