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Here you will find free access to the bible, daily bible verses, devotionals and lots of encouragement. We encourage you to come back daily and be encouraged.
One of the most important parts of our walk with God and Christian life is spending time reading the bible each day. Due to our busy lives, this can often be difficult and means bible reading is reduced to 5mins here or there or never at all. However, if we are serious about growing in our relationship with God, we need to prioritize spending time reading His word every day.
Like every relationship, if we want it to succeed, it takes time and commitment. We cannot expect to achieve the full potential God has for us or adequately resist the temptations of the world if we neglect this vital part of our life. A key point to remember is that Jesus had to use the Word of God to resist the devil’s temptations as seen in Matthew 4, so if we are not equipped with His Word, we will not have much hope of victory in this area. If you find daily bible reading is not a part of your life, then we encourage you to think about reorganising your schedule to allow God in.
thissection we have provided many ways you can read God’s word. This includes reading, listening or downloading the bible. There are many useful apps as well such as You Version that you can download so you can read on the go. Faith comes by hearing His Word, so it is crucial we spend time on this if we want to grow in our faith. May your faith deepen as you spend time in the treasure of His Word.

Welcome to the Bible & Devotional Section

  • Set time aside for daily bible reading
  • Download a mobile app
  • Listen To/Read bible as you travel to work
  • Read a small section while on lunch break
  • Read bible to children
  • Start the day with a small section/few verses of the bible
  • Reduce time spent on other activities, this can increase time for bible

Some Tips For Bible Reading

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If you want to really grow in your walk with God, it is important that prayer becomes a daily part of your life. Not only during your daily devotion time, but throughout your day. Prayer is communicating with God and not necessarily asking God for things all the time. It is a relationship and therefore we can talk to God about anything anytime as well as petition Him for various issues. You can pray at anytime and no prayer is too short or insignificant – God hears them all.
In 1 Thessalonians 5:17 it says “Pray without stopping”, but how exactly do we do that? It does not mean we must spend 10 hours a day praying or we will not please God, as that length of time is an impossibility for most.
We do this by making prayer part of all we do throughout our day. Whether it is first thing in the morning or you are having your breakfast, on your way to work, at work, on way home, dishes, cooking dinner, with your kids or before you go to sleep – prayer can be included during all of this. Yes it is possible and it starts with a decision to do this and then before long it becomes a natural habit. This is one habit that is certainly good and will change your life for good.

Prayer Tips

  1. Pray The Scriptures
    The best way to pray is to pray in line with the bible. The bible reveals the will of God, so when we pray in agreement to His word, we are praying His perfect will. Search the bible for scriptures that are relevant to your situation and this will be a key to answered prayer.
  2. Be Honest and Real With God
    Sometimes we avoid being honest and open with God, even when we may be angry or frustrated. David is the example of being open and honest whatever he was feeling.
  3. Do Not Give Up
    If we do not receive an answer to prayer, that does not mean we should give up or we missed it. The bible says to ask and to keep on asking. So be persistent in prayer.
  4. Understand That Timing Is Important
    If we pray and do not see an answer instantly or "when" we would like, then it may be that it is not the right time. God is sovereign and works all things for good, so sometimes we need to be patient till it is God's time.
  5. Remain In Communication With God All Day
    As mentioned in the intro, prayer is talking to God and developing a relationship with Him. Therefore, we should not only pray at the start of the day or at church, but we should maintain constant communication with God all day, whatever we are doing.
  6. Start Your Prayer With Praise & Thanksgiving
    Before we present our requests and petitions to God, we should begin with praise and thanksgiving. This helps gives us a correct perspective of God even before we begin to pray and seek Him.
  7. Listen And Talk
    Prayer is not meant to be a one way communication - God speaks to us. It is vital that we wait and give time for God to speak to us. This may be a new concept for some people, but the bible constantly reminds us of the need to hear God's voice. If you are patient and make it a habit to wait and hear God it is guaranteed to change your life and lead to clear direction for your future.
  8. Start Your Day With Prayer
    One of the best prayer habits is to begin the day with prayer, even before you leave the bed and get ready for the day. Many are surprised at the difference it makes when they start the day with God, instead of prayer being a late afterthought.

Suggested Prayers

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1. Bible Reading

2. Daily Prayer

3. Lifestyle of worship

4. Fellowship with other believers (Church or meetings)

5. Obedience to God & His Word

6. Repent of any known sin in your life

7. Forgive Others

8. Seek God for your future

9. Never give up on the dream from God

10. Be active/serve in your church

11. Share the Gospel with others

12. Daily ask for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit

13. Follow the voice/leading of the Holy Spirit

14. Renew your mind to Gods/biblical perspective

15. Be generous/develop a life of giving

16. Be patient & trust God in challenges

17. Praise God in the good times & the bad

18. Remember God loves you & will never leave you

There are many practical things that we can do or things we can remember that will help us grow in our walk with God. Once you take that step to put these things into practice, you will see the benefits in your walk with God sooner or later.
Some have the potential to change your life today, such as following the leading of the Holy Spirit to do something He asks you to, for example forgiving someone. However, these are primarily life-long disciplines to help you grow in your faith and you will see the fruit in your life if you remain persistent in these.
As you go through this list, ask yourself how many you already put in practice and how many you can start doing today.
Worship is one of the most important aspects of walking with God. As we focus on the Lord even in challenges it strengthens and grows our faith.
Worship is central to a believer’s life and should be a lifestyle and not something that only happens at church. Worship as a lifestyle, is making every part of our life pleasing to Him. Although it includes worship at church and listening to worship CD’s on the way to work or in the house, it is far deeper than that. It is allowing all we do to bring glory and praise to Him and our lives reflecting what we believe. God is worthy of our praise and worship is an expression of our love to Him. Worship helps us focus on God instead of ourselves and problems. 
Worship is key, but sometimes it can be hard. When life's challenges hit us we wonder why and find it hard to sing praises. Money, family, health and spiritual problems can all make us struggle to praise.

So what should we do then? Give up on praise because things are tough and we do not feel like it? Instead of giving up we should follow the example of David who said "I WILL praise the Lord at ALL times" Psalm 34:1. David through an act of his will and not emotions choose to praise God at all times - good or bad. David had some big problems including the loss of his child, adultery and betrayal from his own family. Yet he learned the greatest key is to praise God at all times. 

The greatest sign of a 
well developed believer is whether they praise or complain through their challenges. If you can praise through your challenges then you are in a great place in God. Job is another great example. Job lost everything his family, home and health, yet he praised the Lord through it and said: “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away blessed be the name of the Lord.” – Job 1:21. It was an incredible show of trust in God and awell developed faith and it is important we learn from Job’s example.
So with that foundation of worship as a lifestyle, we encourage you to spend some time in worship and hope that some of the below songs inspire you and draw you closer to God. We encourage you to spend some time listening to some of the following inspirational worship songs and see your focus and perspective change even if you are going through the toughest times – joy and 
strength this
available through worship!

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