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Falkirk Full Gospel Church was set up by Billy Watters, who was a former war veteran and his wife Bridie Watters as a Gospel Mission hall for the community. The former wooden structure was purchased from a former old boys club. The land at Thornhill Road, Falkirk, is leased from the Falkirk Council.

The Gospel Mission under Evangelist and Pastor Watters started in 1981 after which they left for Ireland. This Gospel Mission was then passed on to Pastor Comfort Harry, after being under their leadership for a few years. At that time most members were elderly. Therefore, at this 
point the Pastor's intention was then to build a formal building for all ages. The building was unusable to a degree and due to the high demand of the youth, we demolished the old building in 2003. This was in order to rebuild the old structure to make a long lasting modern building for better continuity and advancement of the youth work and other related ministries.

After the demolition of the building, the members used a home, which was not sustainable for the long term. St James Church of 
Falkirk, was the only alternative. However, the youth in the area were not comfortable with this new surrounding, as it was not their normal environment. The need for their own environment became necessary as their enthusiasm reduced and their frequency in attendance reduced.


After receiving architectural estimates and drawings, the new Falkirk Full Gospel Mission Building was estimated at £150,000. Following this estimate, we were able to approach Falkirk Council with our building proposals. We were delighted in March 2004 as planning permission was officially secured.

thisstage we embarked on various fundraising efforts and received some donations. Unfortunately we were unable at that point to obtain the minimum 25% deposit required to secure the commencing of the building work.

However, we knew we had to persevere in our building project and that we would succeed. Indeed, Falkirk Councillor David Alexander has also been influential in the building project. He was a key figure in securing the extended lease from the Falkirk Council.

Planning permission was renewed in December 2009. This prompted members to look for various methods in order to raise the required funds for the building. Consequently, in July
2010 the members met to discuss possible fundraising options. This was when the Charity Aid Match was first suggested. In 2011 we arranged a Charity Football match at the Falkirk FC stadium in order to raise funds for the building. We also joined forces with other charities, such as Diabetes UK, Christian Aid, CHAS, Marie Curie Cancer and some others and they received donations from the proceeds. Unfortunately, the total raised was not sufficient to start the building work. There is a gallery of photos from that event at the bottom of this page.


  • New building will be open to all the community to positively impact the area
  • As a point of contact for help & advice
  • Weekly Youth Meetings for youth development, mentoring and support
  • Equipping & Training people in various areas
  • Standard church meetings and gatherings

The last few years have left people with great expectation to see the new building put up for the community. Regular enquiries are received from people awaiting to attend meetings at the new proposed building. These are both young and old alike as children's clubs and youth groups were the main activities of the old premises. We hope to continue to raise funds and for the funding to be made available for us to rebuild what was a once effective and relevant church ministry that will support and bless the local community.